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Her Space Holiday — “Japanese Gum”

Ugh. Bonus track because it’s not on Spotify: I loved Her Space Holiday when The Young Machines came out. I bought the album, and it’s still on my shelf. But for the life of me I can no longer comprehend what I saw in it. This song is a condescending, crypto-misogynist emo mess. There’s more than one incredibly inelegant rejoinder to critics. (Seriously, there is an extended “I fucked yr wife, bro” joke.) I mean, there is really nothing redeeming. Even the beats sound dated already.

I will stand by Home Is Where You Hang Yourself, though.

- Judy

For real, this is the most embarrassing album I own, and I have a whole treasury of early Bright Eyes releases.

I bought this album on CD, too. “Sleepy California” is the only song I can remember vividly off the top of my head. Apparently I reviewed the follow-up seven years ago. Hoo boy.

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