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Pure Gut (Live at the 80/35 After Party 2012) (by ACBvids)

On July 7, while Dan Deacon and Death Cab for Cutie were playing at the local 80/35 Music Festival, I scrambled home to take a quick nap. I really wanted to see both, Dan Deacon especially, but I’m on a different schedule now since the baby arrived, I was exhausted, and I knew I wanted to come back out for the after-party to see the live debut of Pure Gut.

Pure Gut is the band led by my friend Ladd Askland, the sweet and laid-back dude who books most of the shows I see in town. Nobody had any idea what they would sound like. Of course, their live debut was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. MInutes after the set, Ladd went into a stairway within the venue and passed out.

Somebody has now posted video of the entire show online, and I have a feeling I’m gonna watch the whole thing right now.

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